Ice Cream Unwrapped

5 New insights explain what consumers want from an ice cream, and how and when they’re most likely to enjoy it.

A Refreshing Treat

Ice cream provides the perfect balance between being a sweet snack and a luxurious indulgence. 

No other product can offer the same refreshment on a hot summer's day, and no other product can offer the perfect escape through a moment of tasty pleasure.

60% of Europeans eat ice cream for refreshment
65% of Europeans eat ice cream as a treat
[Source: Mintel 2017]

Ice Cream Moments

Whether it’s a movie night in or a stroll along the beach whilst on holiday, ice cream is perfect for special moments.

Enjoyed mainly in the afternoons and evenings, and with 45% of ice cream being eaten at the weekend
ice cream is the perfect fit for times of relaxation.

[Source: KerryConsumerFirst 2017]


Percentage of consumers who enjoy ice cream after 2pm

[Source: KerryConsumerFirst 2017]


Percentage of consumers who enjoy ice cream after 6pm

[Source: KerryConsumerFirst 2017]


Percentage of consumers who enjoy ice cream after 8pm

[Source: KerryConsumerFirst 2017]

The Ultimate Social Food

Ice cream is not just about creamy goodness. It is about sharing the sheer joy of ice cream and celebrating time spent in great company.

More than a solo snack, ice cream is eaten most often whilst with family and friends.

59% of ice cream moments are with immediate family

28% of out of home ice cream moments are with friends and colleagues

[Source: Mintel 2017]

An Alternate Indulgence

53% of consumers would eat more ice cream if there were more low sugar/low fat options

[Source: Innova]

1 in 3 Europeans believe non-dairy options are healthier

[Source: Mintel 2017]

Although ice cream is all about indulgence and deliciousness, consumers don't forget about their wellbeing, either.

Ice cream lovers show their dedication to their indulgence by choosing reduced sugar, non-dairy and vegan ice creams that help them enjoy a guilt-free treat.

The Protein Pull

Consumers try to make their ice cream enjoyment better by experimenting with ingredients that can improve their health.

Added protein allows ice cream to be the positive choice and answers the call of 29% of consumers in Europe who are actively looking to increase their protein intake.

[Source: KerryConsumerFirst]

Number of newly launched Ice Cream with high/added protein claims
 2014  66
 2015  76
 2016  58
 2017  109

[Source: Mintel GNPD 2014-2017]