Tuesday 20 March, 2018

Kerry Taste & Nutrition recently sponsored Team Ireland at The World Butcher Challenge title 2018 which was held in Belfast at IFEX on the 20th and 21st of March.

We are delighted to announce that Team Ireland was the overall winner of the 2018 The World Butcher Challenge title.

The challenge was a sight to behold, with each team’s area starting with four large animal carcasses and smaller poultry carcasses, one working table filled with utensils and one empty presentation table. Team Ireland entered the exhibition hall singing in unison with the Irish supporters to Ireland’s Call, creating an electric atmosphere which lasted for the entire challenge.  Within 3 hours 15 minutes all teams had transformed their areas from butcher worktops to world class front of house lay out. Team Ireland worked tirelessly to create a presentation that consisted of a large chocolate bull towering over 100+ beautifully laid out meat products, crafted from the carcasses into a raw meat wonder.

The winners were announced at the Gala Dinner held in the Titanic on the night of the 21st which was a perfect representation of Irish culture with carefully selected entertainment in the form of Irish dancing, harp playing and sean-nós singing.

wbc garnishing Garrett  Colin    wbc food shot    Eamonn Etherson Best Butcher from Team Ireland

Not only did Team Ireland win the overall title, they were successful in other categories too. They took home gold for The Best Beef Product Award, The Best Beef Sausage Award, Eamon Etherson was selected for the “Best Butcher Team” which consisted of six butchers being chosen from each of the different competing teams to create an “All-Star” group and last but not least Bryan MacNamee was given silver in the Best Apprentice category.

The Kerry team enjoyed every minute of the sponsorship relationship with Team Ireland, from the first meeting many months ago to meeting President Michael D. Higgins, creating a video filled with the butcher’s passion for the industry to finally ending the journey in Belfast on a high with a successful win.

With trust and transparency at the forefront of consumer’s minds, we have seen the butcher channel return to growth, something we have always supported especially through Lucas Ingredients, part of Kerry Taste & Nutrition and supplier to the butcher channel in the UK & Ireland for 90+ years and who also supplied Team Ireland with the Classic Mustard Sausage mix for the challenge.

At Kerry, we are obsessed with all things meat and what better way to show that then to sponsor an event that puts Irish butchery on the map. We are truly proud of our collaboration with the best butchers in Ireland and the world and will take many learnings from the entire experience.

Check out our video below on Kerry's sponsorship of Team Ireland at the World Butcher Challenge 2018. 




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